#006 Christmas Special w/Quinn Gerber

In episode #004, Jonah Prill exposed Quinn and one of his many “accidents”. With Christmas here and him being in town, he decided to come on and redeem himself with his side of catching on fire and spending months in a burn ward. Quinn and Drew talk about their video company and some valuable lessons learned from it, discuss a Mexico style Christmas in Montana, and Quinn critiques previous episodes and what he wished he could have heard more of. Merry Christmas and Flame On! From the Gerber Brothers. If you know Quinn and Drew, this is not an episode to miss due to the constant same voice chuckles. Is Drew just changing his voice slightly and carrying out one of his alter egos!?! Only one way to find out! Please Rate and Review on Apple and Spotify Podcasts App! Go Follow Quinn Gerber at @quinngerber on Instagram to keep up with the Shenanigans.

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