#007 NYE Resolution Blues

In this episode (which is actually the third time I have recorded it) I inadvertently tell you to not over think it, and when you do fail, how to deal with the shame of it on the other side. A New Year is upon us, and with it, those pesky resolutions you will inevitably not follow through on, whether it be now or 3 months from now. I bring up the analytics and how the Drew Gerber Podcast is pretty much famous now. With being famous, the struggles of that with friends and family – who will only benefit enormously from this transparency (that was a joke, but seriously what do they have to lose? Nothing. If this works out we can do Christmas in the Bahamas). But ultimately Drew just takes himself and others a little less seriously and only looks forward to good things to come. One day he will get an actual show schedule done, but for now he is loving the sporadic-ness of it all. And no that’s not a word.

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