Luke Anderson and Cancer: A blessing In Disguise #008

Luke Anderson is a great friend of mine and someone I have always admired. In this episode he discusses his ongoing battle with cancer and how he chooses to deal with his situation. Knowing Luke from before cancer, we also dive into his life as a day trader and how it may not be his dream job, but it’s a job he can find comfort in knowing he can do it from just about anywhere and he hopes one day it affords him to be able to help others in a similar position to him. He discusses the toll that fighting cancer takes on your family, and sometimes when you just have to trust in something greater. Luke is a pretty private person, so he didn’t have a social media account for us to link to him, but he did ask that his wife, Carly Anderson’s Photography company (Carly Nicole Photography) could get a plug. Carly was one of Luke’s greatest supporters while we was going through this process. She journaled for all of Luke’s fans (whom he didn’t even know he had until Carly started writing) and kept us all up to date on what was going on in their lives’. You can see more of her creative work on her Facebook Page Carly Nicole Photography.

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