#009 Reese Queen: Starting Online Businesses, Niche-ing Down and Jake Paul

Reese Queen is one of my closest friends and one of my favorite people to brainstorm with when it comes to using the power of the internet, digital marketing, and finding ways to make things happen.

Reese seems to always have exciting and new opportunities on the table and I would argue it’s mostly because he is open to them. He is a man of faith and strives for a balanced work life.

He has worked in many startups and owned most of them. He can work up a user interface design on the frontend of a website in literal minutes and have a pitch deck ready in hours. Best of all, whenever I am stumped, he picks up the phone and walks me back off the ledge of creative paralysis.

His current company called Meeting Pair takes something as mundane as cold email marketing and leverages it to connect myself and their clients to just about anyone in any position.

He truly understands people and their need to simply be seen by someone that wants the best for them.

If you want to follow Reese, You can do so on instagram @reese_queen or https://www.instagram.com/reese_queen/?hl=en

His current company https://www.meetingpair.com/

His amazing wife, Cate’s Hair Styling Company on Instagram @billingsblonding or https://www.instagram.com/billingsblonding/?hl=en

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